Our Mission

Our Mission

The mission of our practice is to provide first-quality integrative medicine care in our state of the art facility. Our focus is on treating issues related to exposure to environmental toxins and aches, pains and injuries that result from work.

Guiding Principles

We apply the following guiding principles to everything we do:

Be present.

We offer many different services and our staff takes special care to insure that your wait time is short and that you receive the personal attention that you deserve.

Be honest.

We are an honest office and only recommend treatment for our patients that we feel is necessary. (No over-treatment planning). In addition, if we can’t treat your condition we will refer you promptly to someone we trust.

Be inclusive.

We base our measure of success on the quality of the relationship we have with each patient, not just on the quality of the service we provide.

Be responsible.

We use only the best materials and labs. All instruments are sterilized and single use. All services are rendered with the latest techniques available.

Natural Medicine

Everything we do involves using, promoting and educating people about all the principles of Natural Medicine. Our website, our clinical practice and our internet tv show are all dedicated to these principles.

We advocate:

*Natural, drug free solutions.

*Early intervention and prevention.

*A diet that is low glycemic and mostly vegetarian, we recommend that you get your vitamins and minerals from whole foods whenever possible and supplement only when necessary.

*Use diet 1st, herbs 2nd, and pharmaceutical drugs last (whenever possible).

*Use herbs and natural therapy to reduce or get off medication.

*Any medication (drugs or herbs) should be given for a finite time period, whenever possible. Because keeping someone on medication ìfor the rest of their livesî will, invariably, lead to side effects which require more medication. This makes more money for the various industries but does not serve your health or quality of life.

One nice side effect of this approach:

we help to save the planet and ourselves.

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