Liver Detoxification Test

Liver Detoxification Test

Liver detoxification test includes:

*Testing of phase I and phase II detoxification in the liver

*Testing of chemical exposure and impaired liver function

*No hepatotoxic challenge drugs required

This test requires:

*Simple first morning urine collection

This test does not replace comprehensive liver tests for cases of advanced liver disease.

How Do We Test Liver Detoxification?

The body continually attempts to eliminate chemical toxins by using enzymes in the liver. Urinary D-glucaric acid, a byproduct of phase I liver detoxification, is a valuable indicator of chemical exposure or liver damage.

Urinary mercapturic acids are direct end products of the breakdown of chemical toxins in the liver in a process called conjugation.

Combined testing of the urinary levels of these two end products provides valuable information about exposure to environmental toxins and liver disease, and how well the liver eliminates toxins.

Why Test Liver Detoxification?

Toxic chemicals and synthetic materials are everywhere in today’s world. Over 100,000 chemicals are used commercially. These chemicals have been found in fish and animals in the wild, in the umbilical cords of infants, in breast milk and in a number of people who have tested their bodies for these chemicals (see the Human Toxome Project ay

These chemicals are ubiquitous and exposure to them causes diseases and health problems. The relationship between toxic chemicals and diseases has been clearly established. However, many patients suffer with chronic symptoms of exposure to toxins before they develop the actual diseases themselves. These include chronic inflammation, immune system problems, chemical sensisitivities and more.

Therefore, there is a great demand for simple laboratory tests that can quickly assess chemical exposure and liver detoxification.

What Does This Test Measure?

D-glucaric acid tells us about phase I detoxification by enzymes in the liver.It is involved with one process by which the body eliminates toxins and is a reliable biomarker for toxic chemicals in the body.

High levels of D-glucaric acid indicate that cytochrome P-450 enzymes (used in phase I) have been recruited as a result of exposure to many xenobiotics (e.g. pesticides, fungicides, petrochemicals, drugs, toluene, formaldehyde, styrenes, etc.)

Such toxic exposures cause this pathway to be involved and this causes the production of D-glucaric acid. Therefore, urinary D-glucaric acid is an indirect by-product of chemical exposure and phase I detoxification reactions.

Phase II detoxification is measured by mercapturic acids.These are the products of toxic chemicals that have been broken down and include a variety of toxins that have been conjugated with glutathione or L-cysteine prior to excretion.

Low levels of mercapturic acids are consistent with insufficient levels of glutathione and/or cysteine. When the broken down toxins in phase I are more than the capacity of phase II then more dangerous toxins accumulate.This is an important concept to understand. Because these are the kinds of toxins that lead to more serious health problems.

They get transformed in phase I and they get cleared in phase II. If they are stuck in the body between phase I and phase II, they are much more toxic than the original toxin because their destructive nature has been chemically released, but has not been fully processed and passed out of the body.

Who Will This Test Benefit?

This test is especially important for patients with symptoms of poor liver detoxification such as:

– acne and unhealthy skin

– excessive hair loss

– overall sense of bloating

– bodily swelling for no reason

– hormone imbalances

– weight gain

– poor bowel function

– excessively foul smelling sweat

It is also a great test for those who have a history of chemical sensitivity because this noninvasive test does not require the use of compounds that are toxic to your liver.

Green Health Acupuncture offers thorough commentary and treatment recommendations to simplify help you understand the results of the test. Results are also expressed per unit creatinine to normalize for dilution effects, and reference ranges are age and gender specific.

It is highly recommended that a concentrated first morning urine specimen is submitted for analysis. This test does not replace comprehensive liver tests for cases of advanced liver disease.

At Green Health Acupuncture we offer testing using modern diagnostic techniques, natural treatment using the wisdom of Chinese medicine and follow up to make sure that what we are doing is working. Don’t just settle for subjective measures of how your body is functioning. Test, treat and re-test to insure that you and your children or loved ones get the best possible care.

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