Food As Medicine

Food As Medicine

At Green Health Acupuncture, we are firm believers in the idea that food can be used as medicine and nutritional therapy. If you really think about it, most of the major illnesses in our culture (type II diabetes, heart disease, high cholesterol, obesity, etc.) are all caused by what we choose to eat. So, if eating caused these problems, then why can’t eating heal them? Well, it turns out that it can.

Chinese Medicine Has Used Food As Medicine for Centuries

Chinese Medicine has long thought of food as a form of medicine. Different foods, just like herbs, have certain properties that can be used to balance the body and heal various forms of disease or dysfunction: a diet therapy.

For example, herbs with cooling qualities, like cucumber, clear heat and naturally alkalize the body. Some spices, like tumeric, have well documented anti-inflammatory properties.

In Chinese Medical terms we call this “moving blood”. At Green Health Acupuncture, we use this ancient knowledge alongside modern diagnostic techniques to create very effective dietary plans for healing many common health problems without toxic drugs.

What You Don’t Eat Is Also Very Important

What you don’t eat also matters. In the last 50 years food scientists have created an enormous number of products that look and taste like food, but actually have little or no nutritional value. Many people eat them on a daily basis and never stop to think about the impact that these foods are having on their health. They often taste good and they interact with our taste buds and sugar and fat sensors in a very pleasing way, but the reality is, they are making us sick.

We Offer Dietary Therapy Based On Your Blood Work

Blood Chemistry Analysis offers an in depth look at all the major systems of your body (kidneys, liver, thyroid, adrenals, lipids, heart, digestive system, immune system and more!). We then sit down with you and explain what these findings mean and then give you a dietary plan that is designed to correct all the major imbalances we find.

Some General Dietary Recomendations

Here are some good general tips for eating healthy in today’s world:

Stay Out of The Middle of the Supermarket: Most of the real food at the supermarket can be found on the edges. Think about it, that’s where all the vegetables, meat, fish, dairy products, etc. are found. Stay out of the middle, that’s where all the experiments in food science are found.

Don’t Eat Anything That Has More Than Five Ingredients: Real food doesn’t require 30 chemicals to make it taste good. As a general rule, read the label and if its not a healthy super food and you see more than five ingredients, don’t buy it.

Same Goes for Products with No Expiration Date and Ingredients You Can’t Pronounce: Ditto for “food” with expiration dates 20 years in the future and crazy sounding chemicals you can’t pronounce. Thousands of chemicals have been introduced into our food supply in the last 50 years and nobody really knows what the impact on our health may be. Don’t trust your health to a chemical company.

Learn To Cook: It sounds obvious, but many people in our culture have all but lost the ability to cook for themselves. Cooking is incredibly rewarding and also gets you in touch with what you are putting in your mouth.

Visit Your Local Farmer’s Market: For both your personal health and the health of the planet, visit a farmer’s market near you. Local produce is the freshest and has traveled the shortest distance. It saves fossil fuel, supports local growers and gives your some amazingly delicious choices for healthy eating.

Get Your Blood Work Done With Us: Don’t make decisions on what supplements or foods you need based on advertising copy from a sales pitch or multi-level marketing company. Get your blood work done, get the information you need and make an informed, intelligent decision on your health.

We will work with you to help you understand what you need and we will offer you non-toxic solutions to your health issues. We will also do follow up testing to determine if what we are doing is working. You will be able to see your health improve before your eyes!

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