Excercise Detox

Exercise Detox

We all know that regular exercise is good for you, but as a means of detoxification? The answer to this is a resounding YES! Exercise acts as an internal cleanser, removing toxins and debris from the body.

In fact, exercise can actually detoxify your body better and more efficiently than many other forms of detoxification.

It is no secret that physical activity has been proven to provide numerous health benefits including: increased circulation, weight loss, decreased risk of disease, stress reduction, lower cholesterol, improved strength/endurance, prevention of bone loss, etc.

Exercise also increases detoxification to flush out metabolic waste, environmental poisons, and other toxins.Exercise is just as crucial to detoxification as maintaining a good diet. In addition, the implementation of exercise to a detoxification program can synergistically increase the effects of the program.

People today get far less exercise today because of our increasingly sedentary lifestyles. Combine this with the quality of air we breathe and the food we consume in our industrial habitat, and you have a recipe for chronic diseases.

Our bodies absorb toxins and chemicals and we must find a way to dispose of them to decrease the probability of disease and to increase our bodyís day to day function.The inherent benefits of exercise detoxification include: removal of fatty tissues and increased circulation/body function.

Removal of Fatty Tissues

Weight loss is one of the main reasons people initiate an exercise program. Excess body fat contributes to a number of health problems including heart disease, decreased circulation, decreased metabolism, and orthopedic injuries, to name a few.

Excess body fat serves a as a storage facility for toxins in our bodies. Therefore, the more fat storage space your body contains, the more exposure to these toxins you are subject to on a regular basis.

In addition to storage of toxins, excess fat also decreases circulation because the bloodstream is filled with dissolved fat (toxins). Toxic accumulation in the body encourages cellular deterioration and increases toxicity, creating a toxic body.

To get rid of fat, a healthy diet and regular exercise are essential. Dieting alone will not decrease excess body fat since most diets decrease water stores from the body, which can be unhealthy and dangerous.

Weight loss is accomplished must faster and will last if done through regular exercise and a balanced diet because this allows your body to regulate metabolism appropriately.

Your body will adjust to the increased activity and calories will be burned even when not exercising. As your body becomes more conditioned through exercise, body fat is burned more efficiently and metabolism increases.

Increase Circulation and Bodily Function

Another benefit of exercise for the whole body system is blood and lymph circulation. Exercise stimulates these actions and helps distribute essential nutrients to the cells and removes toxins from the bloodstream.

In addition to circulation of blood and lymph, exercise also delivers oxygen to the cells. Oxygen is vital for survival and adequate delivery is essential to maintain an optimal level of performance.

Also, white blood cells, which are primarily responsible for immune system function and the detoxification process, are increased with exercise. Proper circulation and uptake of these elements greatly improves overall bodily function and will allow your body to thrive and perform at a higher level.

Another key component of exercise detoxification is that of sweating. As we exercise and produce sweat, our bodies excrete waste products such as uric acid. In addition, heavy metals and other toxins are removed through sweating.

Exercise also enhances oxygen absorption and delivery of nutrients to bodily tissues which stimulates growth of new blood vessels. Creating new blood vessels allows the body to absorb more oxygen and function at a higher, more efficient level. Exercise also oxygenates the tissues in the body which inhibits growth of anaerobic, harmful microorganisms.

What Exercises are Best for Detoxification?

Any type of aerobic exercise that gets your whole body moving and gets your body fluids circulating at an increased rate will benefit you. The take home message is that it is better to do some form of exercise that you enjoy, rather than no exercise at all.

For best results in the form of duration/frequency of exercise, you should exercise for 20 to 30 minutes per day, three times per week.

Cardiovascular exercises help by increasing your body temperature over a sustained period, thus making you sweat. Sweating, as discussed previously leaches toxins out of the body and increases whole body integrity.

Cardiovascular exercise helps your heart stay healthy by increasing the muscle tone of the heart. Core and abdominal muscle exercises help massage and stimulate your internal organs.

Additionally, most forms of exercise increase your breathing, thus providing a form of oxygen therapy. That having been said, each type of exercise has its own benefits and concerns. Whole body exercises which increase blood and lymph circulation are best for detoxification purposes.

A good principle to use as a guide is to alternate whole body exercises to increase variety and put different stressors of different parts of the body.At Green Health Acupuncture we have a program designed to do just that. We always work to keep it fun, interesting and challenging.

Recommended Detoxification Exercises


Jogging helps exercise the cardiovascular system and the legs, increases your body temperature and breathing. While jogging is an excellent exercise with plenty of benefits, many injuries are associated with jogging. Therefore, this type of exercise is better suited for those familiar with exercise and who have been conditioned to sustain the forces of jogging on the body.


For those unable to run or want a less intense form of exercise, walking is a great detoxifying activity. Walking is by far the most convenient and economical exercise. Although walking may be considered a mild form of exercise, it provides enough physical activity to help detoxify your body and provide other benefits of exercise.


Swimming is an excellent exercise because it provides good cardiovascular and muscular workout without producing bodily strain on the joint and structures of the body like jogging.


Benefits of bicycling include increased body temperature, increased breathing and it provides a good core/abdominal muscle workout. This is an excellent exercise that can be preformed outside on a beautiful day or in the gym on a stationary bicycle.

Abdominal Exercises

Exercise of the muscles in your stomach and mid-section, sometimes called your core or abdominal muscles (abs), helps your key elimination organs (colon, kidneys, and liver) maintain good health. In addition to colon detoxification, adding a variety of stomach movements and twists helps to massage your colon and other elimination organs. These exercises also help to strengthen the muscles around these vital organs for protection.

Gym Training Machines

Exercise on training machines (i.e. Elliptical, Cross Ramp, Machine Row), provide excellent exercise in the form of cardiovascular training and resistance movements. These exercises allow whole body movement which increases circulation important for detoxification.

At Green Health Acupuncture we offer a full range of physical therapy and exercise programs to help you recover from injuries aches and pains caused by work and to help your body detoxify.
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