Ecosystems Blood Test

Ecosystems Blood Test

Perhaps the most important thing to know about your body is how it is working. Your body is composed of many different ecosystems that all interact with one another and a great deal of information on how things are working can be found by doing a basic blood test.

We offer the Ecosystems Blood Test so that you can understand how your body is working and discover potentially negative trends early on. We can use this information to find nutritional imbalances and to support your body so that it can return to balance.

We can also tell a lot about environmental exposure to many common toxins by looking at how they affect the way your body functions. For example, there are patterns in the red blood cell panel that can show potential damage by heavy metals (lead, mercury, cadmium, aluminum, etc.).

In addition, we can also give you the information and knowledge to make much better decisions regarding vitamins and herbs that you may be thinking about spending a lot of money on. Find out if you need them first.

What is the Ecosystems Blood Test?

Most doctors and clinicians order blood tests when they suspect that you have some type of illness or problem. For example, your cholesterol is high, or your thyroid is out of whack. They get the results of the tests and, then, they tell you whether you have a problem or not.

The way they decide if you have a problem or not is to compare your results to what is called the “laboratory range”. This number is determined by sampling a large number of people who get these blood tests over a period of time. This way of looking at data is what is commonly termed a bell curve because the graph of the information looks like a bell shaped curve.

Most People Who Go to Get Blood Tests Are Not Healthy

The basic problem with this approach is that most people who get blood tests are not healthy. They are being sent to the lab because they are sick. Our insurance based health care system does not reward preventative care.

The truth is, most people don’t check their health status until there is already a problem. Therefore, when you compare your results to the “laboratory range” you are, actually, comparing yourself to a majority of sick people.

Our Blood Tests Look at the Functional Range

When we order a blood test for you, we examine both the laboratory or “pathological range” and the “functional range”. The “functional range” are lab values that specialists in those particular fields have agreed is the range that your body should be functioning at optimally. In other words, instead of a range of illness, we look at a range of health. When you look at results this way, you can see things earlier than the “pathological range”.

Knowledge is the Best Tool for Preventing Disease

If you understand this basic idea, you can see that we have the technology and tools at our disposal to turn our lives around and prevent imbalances before they get so bad that we and our loves ones have to suffer. With diabetes the end result is horrible, it can include blindness, terrific pain in the extremities, kidney failure and, ultimately, death.

It doesn’t have to be that way. Diabetes begins as simply a dysfunction in how your body metabolizes sugar. This then progresses to a disorder called “metabolic syndrome”, also called ,”syndrome X”. Symptoms of syndrome X include: fat around the abdomen, elevated triglycerides, insulin resistance, elevated blood pressure and elevated cholesterol.

Basically, what began as a sugar problem has become a fat problem. Your body has tried to find a way to store the extra sugar and it has done so by converting it into fat.

With the Ecosystems Blood Test we can identify specific nutritional imbalances and we can make dietary, herbal and lifestyle recommendations that can support you. And Type II diabetes is only one of many imbalances that we can identify.

Other imbalances include: thyroid disorders, anemia, heart disease, adrenal disorders, liver issues, high cholesterol,systemic infections, auto-immune symptoms, kidney disorders and more.

What Does the Ecosystems Blood Test Include?

Our Complete Blood panel includes:

Blood Sugar Panel:

* A Thyroid panel:
T3 Uptake
Free Thyroxine Index (FTI)

* A Complete Blood Count including Red and White Blood cell counts:

Red Blood Cell Counts and Iron Levels:
Iron Saturation

White Blood Cell Counts:
Lymphocytes % and Lymphocytes Absolute
Neutrophils % and Neutrophils Absolute
Monocytes % and Monocytes Absolute
Basophils % and Basophils Absolute
Eosinophils % and Eosinophils Absolute

* A Liver Panel:
Total Bilirubin
Alkaline Phosphate

* A Kidney Panel:
Uric Acid
BUN/Creatinine Ratio

* A Cholesterol Panel:
Chol/HDL ratio

Electrolyte Panel:

Inflammatory markers:
25-OH Vitamin D
C-Reactive Protein

This gives us an excellent picture of all the major systems of your body and helps you to understand how these systems interact and affect one another.

What Do We Do With the Results?

We don’t just show you the lab results. We offer you support for your health issues. Firstly, most people have multiple issues and you need to prioritize and nourish them in a way that will be beneficial. We do that.

We also give you dietary recommendations based on the findings of the laboratory tests. Diet is our foundation, for many of us our problems originate from our diet. This is the most logical place to correct those problems.

We may also recommend herbal or dietary supplements. The vast majority of illnesses in the US can be improved with diet and lifestyle changes. Anyone who tells you otherwise is either on the payroll of the pharmaceutical drug companies and/or really does not understand how the body functions.

We do. At Green Health Acupuncture we offer you practical and inexpensive support for your nutritional imbalances. And best of all they are completely non-toxic and have no few side effects.

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