Dirty Dozen Series: Benzopyrene

Continuing our series on the “Dirty Dozen,” Let’s talk about Benzopyrene: a member of the group of compounds that make up PAHs (Polycyclic Aromatic Compounds) it is also what’s known as  a POP.

  • The effect of toxins on your body
  • How to avoid them
  • The actual toxic load you carry, and how to begin the process of elimination and detoxification.

First: What’s a POP?:

Persistent Organic Pollutant. Which means that these particular pollutants are insoluble. They persist. For this reason exposure to Benzopyrene is not likely to come from our water, any decent filtration system will trap the compounds. So, unless you’re a fish, that is one less thing to worry about. On the other hand, if you eat fish, well then worry away because the fish on this planet are not swimming in a giant Britta filter: they consume the molecules whole. Benzopyrene accumulates in their bodies and cause damage. 
A PAH, you may recall from our earlier Dirty Dozen post, is a compound that is released into the air and environment by incomplete burning. Mostly, they come from:
  • vehicle exhaust
  • volcanoes
  • forest fires
  • cigarette smoke
  • barbecued foods
  • olive pomace oil (that’s the cheap stuff: over-refined remnants of olive oil available at your local pizzeria)

The Dangers of a Bad Translator

What happens when we are exposed to Benzopyrene? It’s a problem of translations. Our clever DNA stays safe in the cell and farms out the work of reproduction by means of RNA which transcribes and translates the information. If you’ve ever learned another language you know how important it is to get the words right, heaven knows what you may inadvertently be saying otherwise! Benzopyrene intercalate into DNA, which means they insert themselves into the code, ruining the copy and disturbing the information. This why Benzopyrene is linked to cancers, in particular lung cancer where exposure is easiest. It can also cause: 
  • skin rashes, burning sensations or color changes
  • warts
  • bronchitis

What To Do?

This backwards attitude of -first show harm then address pollution- is why at Green Health Acupuncture we have dedicated ourselves to a conservative approach. You can help yourself by:

  • not smoking
  •  avoiding excessive bar-b-cueing and smoke inhalation
  •  visit our website to learn more about which fish are safest to consume.

Once you know the levels of toxicity in your body we can formulate an in depth program to cleanse, support, and strengthen your whole body: after all you don’t work in parts, why should your health program? Call today to make an appointment. Feel better now. Remember:

Your Body Can’t Clear Toxins Normally

It is important to understand how the body clears environmental toxins, pollutants, and chemicals. In our bodies this happens primarily in the liver. For an in depth look at how this happens click on this link: Liver Detoxification .

However, although the liver has hundreds of enzymes to clear many compounds, it still does not have enough to clear everything out of your body. And, unfortunately, many of the most common and most toxic environmental compounds can not be cleared by the liver.

What Happens When the Liver Doesn’t Clear These Toxins, Pollutants and Chemicals?

They become lodged in the body and activate inflammation and disrupt the immune system. This can lead to chronic pain and inflammation, cancer growth and autoimmunity.

Recent research has led us to discover several important ways that your body deals with exposure to these toxins. We offer testing and natural treatment to reduce the damage that they cause and to help dramatically reduce the damage that these compounds can cause.

Toxic Chemicals Affect the Body in the Following Ways:

1. They deplete glutathione – the body’s most important anti-oxidant.
2. They initiate inflammation, cancer and auto-immune disease through a signaling system in your DNA called NF-Kappa B.
3. They clog your liver and make the liver work harder at clearing toxins and they make liver detoxification not work as well.
4. They cause leaky gut syndrome.
5. They lead to loss of chemical tolerance and multiple food allergies and sensitivities to chemicals, smells and things that never used to bother you (which some researchers think may be the beginning of auto-immune disease).

At Green Health Acupuncture we offer diagnostic testing to determine the extent of the problems mentioned above, we offer diet, herbal and nutritional supplements that help clear these toxins out of your system and to lessen the damage that they do to your body. Call today to set up an appointment: 310-831-2202

To find out if you have been exposed to high levels of toxins that may be adversely affecting your health Green Health Acupuncture offers a personalized solution to reduce the inflammatory process caused by these toxins and to get you on the road to better health.



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