How to Detox Your Body

How to Detox Your Body

Detoxing your body is not as simple as taking a few herbs or supplements and flushing out your colon. There are a lot of things to consider and a number of potential risks if you don’t do it properly.

The Body Is Made of Many Ecosystems

The first thing you need to understand is that the body is composed of many interacting ecosystems, just like the earth. Each system influences and affects the others.

For example, the liver, the body’s primary detoxification organ is intimately involved with the elimination systems of the kidneys, the digestive system, and to a lesser degree the lungs, and mucosal linings of your nose and ears, all of which help to excrete toxins that have been broken down.

Each Ecosystem Is Unique

Each system is unique and presents unique challenges for you if you want to cleanse and detox them. Click on the link(s) below to look at each system and the challenges that our modern American diet and culture present for detoxification:

Understanding Liver Detoxification:

Liver detoxification or bio-transformation is the process by which your liver processes all of the things that enter your body. Many pharmaceutical drugs, recreational drugs, chemicals, pesticides, herbicides,pollutants from the air and water we consume are all transformed in the liver.

In addition, your body has to break down dead cells, circulating antibodies and hormones to clear them out of your system. It requires a lot and it is a 3 step process called Phase I, Phase II and Phase III detoxification.

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Kidney Detoxification Strategies:

Make sure your kidneys are working properly before you attempt to detox your body. The reason for this is simple: everything that you draw out while doing a detoxification program will be dumped into your blood stream and then must be eliminated either through your kidneys and urine or with the help of your gall bladder and bile through your feces.

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Colon and Intestinal Detoxification:

Your colon and digestive tract are very important for many functions in your body. This is where your vitamins and minerals get absorbed. This is also where 65-70% of your immune system lives.

You must really be careful when cleansing your colon not to do too much or to do it too harshly because you can actually wind up doing more harm than good.

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Understanding How Exercise Can Detox the Body

Exercise should be an important part of any detoxification program. All of the toxins you draw out need to get flushed out. get your heart pumping and your blood moving and this will go a long way towards helping your cleanse.

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Non Bio-transformable Compounds

Another important thing to understand is that many of the
most dangerous compounds (like volatile solvents, heavy metals, PCBs,
etc.)that we are exposed to in today’s world can not be detoxified by
the liver. Many of these are man made and our body’s have not yet
evolved a system to effectively clearing them from our body.

our bodies get overwhelmed by these toxic compounds they build up and
can cause a whole host of problems including chronic inflammation,
cancer and auto-immune disease. They also cause very specific problems
like these:

Glutathione Depletion

Coming soon: DNA Damage

Coming soon: Impaired Hepatic Bio-transformation

Coming soon: Leaky Gut Syndrome

Coming soon: Immune system dysfunction

Coming soon: Loss of Chemical Tolerance

second thing you need to understand is that there are a variety of
toxins from many different sources and you body deals with different
substances in different ways.

How Does Your Body Deal with Toxins?

Your body always works within the framework of trying to preserve balance or homeostasis. Health is dependent on the many checks and balances that are designed into our bodies over millions of years of evolution and these are essential for our survival. One important defense that has evolved is how your body defends itself against toxins.

The body’s first defense against toxins is to eliminate them through one of your main channels of elimination – these are mentioned above (your urinary tract, colon, lungs, skin, and mucosal linings in your nose and ears.)

In this process the body may create unpleasant symptoms like a skin rash, diarrhea, nasal congestion or infections, a persistent cough, and even chronic recurrent infections in your ears or urinary tract. Even though these are no fun to go through they often develop because your body is trying to protect your cells by expelling these toxins.

If you look at these things in this context, you can see them as unfortunate, but necessary. In addition, if you allow them to take their course,and work to identify and eliminate their root cause(s), you can work together with your body’s innate self-preserving mechanisms to keep you healthy over the long term. In fact, the better your body’s elimination pathways perform, the better your chances for a longer, healthier life.

At Green Health Acupuncture we practice functional medicine and offer many affordable diagnostic tests for determining exactly what the root cause is and we monitor our treatments using these same diagnostic tests so that you can see your progress happening in real time.

Check out Diagnostic Tests to learn about the wide array of tests we offer.

What Happens If You Do Nothing and Ignore These Processes?

Many people do just that. They don’t think about things, ignore the warning signs and they allow contaminants to accumulate in the body. Eventually, the pace of incoming toxins may overwhelm your systems and overtake the pace at which you can eliminate them.

This is precisely the place where many disease processes become intractable, or at the very least, become deeply entrenched in your body’s ecosystems.If you reach this point,your body often has no choice but to store some of these unwanted mutagens (toxins that cause mutations).

Remember, your body is trying to preserve balance. In order to do so it will first store “excess” toxins in places like fat tissues. This is because your fat tissues are less
vital to your immediate survival than other tissues like your ligaments, muscles, and nerves. This is not to say that fat tissue that’s found throughout your body isn’t important. It’s just that your body has a natural intelligence and it seeks to preserve what is most important for its survival.

Accumulation of toxins in your fat tissues is what can lead to so-called “harmless” conditions like cysts, lipomas, and other benign tumors – conditions that conventional medicine typically cite as having no known cause.

On the contrary, these certainly have a series of causes, with one major one being steady exposure to endogenous and exogenous toxins.The body is actually protecting itself by creating a capsule for these potentially dangerous substances.

Another place where you can find accumulations is in the myelin or the fatty sheath of insulation that lines all of your nerves. And whenever your body has the resources or
energy to cleanse such accumulations of toxins, the nerve(s) in that area may get irritated, which is one potential cause of chronic, intermittent headaches.

This is why some people experience headaches when they get more sleep than usual. Getting more sleep allows the body to use its resources to stir up stored toxins – good for long term health, but uncomfortable in the short term. And often people will avoid things that benefit them because of this momentary discomfort, adding insult to injury.

What Happens If This Continues to Progress?

Eventually, your body may need to start storing these toxins outside of your fat tissues. Alternative storage sites are connective tissue (ligaments, bones, blood, etc.), muscle
tissue, and nerve tissue. Of these, connective tissue probably has the greatest capacity to store toxins without causing debilitating problems in the short term.

As toxins begin to accumulate in connective tissue, you may start to experience generalized joint pain and even aches and pains in various bones. You may even develop a blood-related health challenge, as blood itself is considered connective tissue, and actually originates from bone, which is another connective tissue.

Once accumulation gets to levels as deep as the blood these toxins may start to accumulate in the internal organs. And if your exposure goes on long enough, the individual
building-blocks of your tissues (your cells) can begin to accumulate toxins within their membranes and inner lumen areas.

If enough cells in one organ or gland become compromised due to a build-up of toxins, you may experience organ or glandular dysfunction – examples of such impairment of function
can include: thyroid disorders, visual disturbances, heart issues, lung issues, and any stage of liver degeneration (fatty liver, cirrhosis,etc.).

Healthy DNA

If the innermost part (nucleoli) of enough cells in one area become dysfunctional,the DNA that controls those cells can become affected, and this is where you may increase your risk of experiencing a lack of control over cellular reproduction, the hallmark of malignant (or cancerous) growths.

Once the accumulation of toxins has reached the internal depths of the cells, blood, or organs it is much more difficult to reverse the process and problems become much harder to fix. This is why taking prevention seriously is so important.

We Offer Solutions

At Green Health Acupuncture we offer many different solutions for treating and detecting this progression early on before it gets to the later, more critical stages.

Check out Diagnostic Tests to see all the tests we offer.

These tests can be done with us if you are located in the South Bay region of Los Angeles or you can order from us anywhere in the country and go to a local lab or send samples
via the mail.

We can accommodate you and help you with the detoxification of your body safely and effectively with affordable lab testing that can yeild an amazing amount of information about how your body is functioning and where you are in the progression described above.

Click on the Menu bar entitled “Diagnostic Tests” to learn about the tests that we offer and how they can reveal your unique set of health circumstances.

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